HackTor Monitor

"I See Your Site !"


Many Small and medium sized businesses are running network-based services for their customers, internally, in a datacenter or in the cloud. Monitoring the availability of these services is essential, you don't want to rely on your customers to tell you that some service you provide is unavailable.

Using open source technology HackTor has built a reliable monitoring platform consisting of
  • Host and services monitoring with email notifications
  • Easy to use configuration tool
Many new features are planned for the near future, including
  • Mobile interface
  • Cacti, a tool for reporting availability, usage , load in a graphical way
  • Plugins for your servers for monitoring disk usage, CPU load, network bandwidth etc
  • Custom plugins to monitor binary or XML based services
At the moment there are two options
  • One month monitoring trial of 1 server whith 2 services for FREE
  • One month monitoring of up to 5 servers whith 20 services (Euro 5,=)
  • One year monitoring of up to 5 servers whith 20 services (Euro 35,=)
Just register an account and select your preferred option.